Whattya Listenin’ to Wednesday – June 23, 2010

Yesterday’s post aside, I haven’t been overly focused on music this week. I am reading a book about bluegrass, so I’ve been randomly running through the Bill Monroe lately. Bluegrass has often been associated with “hillbilly” music, but the reality is it’s very structured and provides maybe the best mix of technical skill and heart of any genre. One thing I learned is that, while it is acoustic music in one sense, it is electric in another. Because band members “took solos” in the same way that jazz players did, bluegrass required a complex choreography as soloists came forward to the microphone in order to stand out. None of the reading has convinced me, however, that a bluegrass cover of Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” wouldn’t be amazing!

I got a promo in the mail yesterday for a film titled Paul McCartney Really Is Dead. I’m hoping to watch it in the next few days, so maybe I’ll have a review done next week. I’m really looking forward to it, because, while I doubt it will convince me that McCartney is actually dead, the “Paul is Dead” rumors and clues might be rock’s best conspiracy story.

Well, back to the business at hand. Here’s my (partial) list:

Carrie Rodriguez – Love and Circumstance
Thinking Machines – Work Tapes
Down By Law – Fly the Flag
Pama International – Float Like a Butterfly
Paul Simon – Graceland
Jimi Hendrix – Axis: Bold as Love
Bedouin Soundclash – Street Gospels

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bobvinyl, writer and co-editor of No Song is an Island, founded its predecessor, Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense (whose archives are found here), in 2005 and served as editor and principal contributor until it went on hiatus in 2010. He has also been published in AMP and Loud Fast Rules! (in print) as well as Glide and FensePost on the web. He has been an avid record collector since he was seven years old and enjoys sharing his love of music from the common to the esoteric.

4 thoughts on “Whattya Listenin’ to Wednesday – June 23, 2010

  1. Metal Mark

    Gallow’s End-Nemisis Divine
    Pearl-Little immaculate white fox
    Anthrax-Among the living
    The Sentinels-Surfer Girl
    Mass-all four re-issues
    The Chilli Hounds-Welcome to the show
    Buddy Holly and the Crickets-The chirping crickets
    Dark Throne-Circle the wagons
    Blind Illusion-The Sane Asylum

  2. Chuck

    I spent some time this week with both Pama International and Bedouin Soundclash as well. Weird.

    If you like mellow stuff with an experimental edge, check out Not Drowning Waving. They were an Australian band that never broke in the states, but they put out some good albums… along the lines of David Sylvian and a bit like David Byrne’s quieter side.

    Robert Plant – Principle of Moments – Great songs mired in ’80s production and synths.
    Robert Plant – Manic Nirvana – Some of the worst lyrics Robert Plant ever wrote
    Robert Plant – Fate of Nations
    Elliott Smith – New Moon
    Not Drowning, Waving – Claim
    Underworld – Pearl’s Girl remixes
    Danny Krivit – In the House
    Deee-Lite – Infinity Within
    Sarah Main – Pure Pacha Vol II (Summer 2005) – Disc 1
    Paul Oakenfold – Faster Kill Pussycat remixes

  3. Ray Van Horn, Jr.

    Heavy lean on the participants from last week’s concertc and Totimoshi’s probably gonna linger with me awhile, love ’em. One of the best-kept secrets in sludge rock today and boy, did they take OFF after two songs, whew…Melvins and Isis were likewise spectacular

    Totimoshi – Milagrosa
    Totimoshi – Ladron
    Totimoshi – Mysterioso
    Totimoshi – Monoli
    Isis – Panopticon
    Isis – In the Absence of Truth
    Melvins – Stoner Witch
    The Damned – Damned Damned Damned
    Soundgarden – Louder Than Love
    New York Dolls – s/t
    Faster Pussycat – s/t
    Bruce Springsteen – Magic
    Mooney Suzuki – Electric Sweat
    Halloween II soundtrack
    Deftones – Diamond Eyes
    Tool – Aenima


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