Whattya Listenin’ to Wednesday – June 16, 2010

Well, I didn’t pick up anything new this week, but I spent a good bit of time with a few releases that I need to review. Everyone Everywhere’s new self-titled album, on Tiny Engines, has hints of Hüsker Dü mixed in that made me instantly like it and Stegosaur’s Adventure 7″ is a clever and creative indie gem that packs a lot into three songs. I also got a promo package from my friends at the new Ripple Music label. I got the review done for Kevin Beadles this week, so you can see my detailed thoughts on that one. The other two from Ripple are JPT Scare Band’s Acid Blues Is the White Man’s Burden, an exploration of bluesy hard rock that sadly never spent much time in the popular mind, and Fen’s Trails Out of Gloom, a progressive metal album that escapes the many pitfalls of its genre. All worth checking out.

Also, I want to wish Ray a good time at the Isis/Melvins/Totimoshi show. I wish I could make it, but it’s not in the cards this time. It should be fantastic!

Here’s what I was playin’ this week:

Dirt Mall – Pacifuego
JPT Scare Band – Acid Blues Is the White Man’s Burden
Kevin Beadles – You Can’t Argue with Water
Fen – Trails Out of Gloom
Everyone Everywhere – s/t
Campaign – It Likes to Party
Stegosaur – Adventure

My playlist looks short, but most got played repeatedly. I also spent much of the weekend engaged in a friend’s request to post videos from the 80s on Facebook. The cool part is that 22 people participated and posted 277 videos. Only one video was duplicated even though many of us could not see what others were posting as we weren’t all mutual friends. If you’re curious about what was posted, you can check out the Youtube playlists (1-200 and 201-277). If you don’t feel like sorting through all of that, here’s a fun one from back in the day:

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bobvinyl, writer and co-editor of No Song is an Island, founded its predecessor, Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense (whose archives are found here), in 2005 and served as editor and principal contributor until it went on hiatus in 2010. He has also been published in AMP and Loud Fast Rules! (in print) as well as Glide and FensePost on the web. He has been an avid record collector since he was seven years old and enjoys sharing his love of music from the common to the esoteric.

8 thoughts on “Whattya Listenin’ to Wednesday – June 16, 2010

  1. Metal Mark

    JPT Scare Band – Acid Blues Is the White Man’s Burden
    Fen – Trails Out of Gloom
    Redrum-Power corrupts
    The good, the bad and the ugly soundtrack
    Widow-On fire
    Gallow’s End-Nemisis Divine
    Joe Jackson-Look sharp
    Primal Fear-Live in the U.S.A.
    D.O.A.-Kings of punk, hockey and beer
    Rage-Strings to a web

  2. Ray Van Horn, Jr.

    Thanks, Bob, I’ll give a report later. I’m reserved since it’s Isis’ farewell but really stoked about the lineup. Last time I saw both Isis and the Melvins, each were stellar. As it is, the Isis/Pelican show earlier this year is a mark to beat.

    Mark, wow, surprised to see Joe Jackson on your list, but it’s a great one. I believe Bob supplied me that album. I’ve had everyone and everything up my crack all week, so this is probably the shortest list I’ve done in ages:

    Ufomammut – Idolum
    Ufomammu – Eve
    Broken Teeth – Viva La Rock Fantastico
    Lou Reed – Transformer
    Steve Morse Band – Quit Standing in Their Field
    Snow Patrol – A Hundred Million Suns (very disappointed with this one)

  3. bobvinyl Post author

    Ray, that’s a shame about the Snow Patrol album, because that album title is great.

    How was Transformer working for you? I had that playing six months or so ago and I was surprised that it wasn’t consistently great, though it does have some great songs. Have you ever heard U2 do “Satellite of Love?”

  4. Metal Mark

    Bob-Have to give it another listen to really know.

    Ray-Bob supplied me with that album too several years ago, but I just recently got it on CD.

    Idolum was good, but EVE is easily my favorite album of 2010 so far.

    Bob, I need to hear the latest Dirt Mall again. I reviewed and liked it, but only listened to like twice because I had a bunch stuff to review at the same time.

  5. Chuck

    Interesting to hear about the Snow Patrol album, Ray. I listened to Eyes Open a while back, and it was like Foreigner filtered through Coldplay. One of the worst albums I’ve heard in the past few years. It’s a shame, because those guys have written one or two decent songs.

    Ellen Allien – Fabric 34
    Bugz in the Attic – FabricLive 12
    Cinematic Orchestra – Every Day
    The Dolls – The Dolls
    Anthony Hamilton – Ain’t Nobody Worrying
    Land of Kush – Against the Day
    Lead Belly – Legacy Vol 1: Where Did You Sleep Last Night
    Nina Simone – Wild Is the Wind
    Skinny Puppy – VIVIsectVI
    Skinny Puppy – 12″ Anthology
    Talk Talk – Laughing Stock

    I’m still listening to lots of Silver Mt. Zion. I can’t get enough of those albums.

  6. The Mad Hatter

    Black Dots – Bad Brains
    Television – Marquee Moon
    Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak
    Dixie Dregs – Free Fall
    Mingus – Pithecanthropus Erectus

    And hello and goodbye and long time no see 😛

  7. Ray Van Horn, Jr.

    For Snow Patrol, I’d bought Final Straw after listening to it at B&N and my boy has always loved it too. That’s a great album. I never heard Eyes Open, but I know longtime SP fans grew disgruntled with them from that album on. I mean, Million Suns isn’t horrible…the songs are tight, but unfortnately they just lack the soul of Final Straw…just a little too comfy for my liking


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