Whattya Listenin’ to Wednesday – July 14, 2010

Sorry I missed the last two weeks. The first I just spaced on and the second I was on vacation with a very, very poor internet connection. Anyway, I’m back now and I’ll try to be a little more consistent. My playlist is thin, because I haven’t had a lot of time for personal listening lately, but that should change as I get back into the swing of things.

Just before vacation, I caught Thrice at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD, so expect some more pics and a write-up on that very soon.

Also, while this feature will remain her at Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense, the Metal Minute breathes once again, so go over and see what Ray’s up to at www.metalminute.com.

The Specials – 30th Anniversary DVD
The Beatles – The Beatles
v/a – This Are 2 Tone
Madness – Complete Madness
Kansas – s/t
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – II
M.I.A. – Maya
TV on the Radio – Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
Stone Axe/Mighty High – Split 7″

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bobvinyl, writer and co-editor of No Song is an Island, founded its predecessor, Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense (whose archives are found here), in 2005 and served as editor and principal contributor until it went on hiatus in 2010. He has also been published in AMP and Loud Fast Rules! (in print) as well as Glide and FensePost on the web. He has been an avid record collector since he was seven years old and enjoys sharing his love of music from the common to the esoteric.

7 thoughts on “Whattya Listenin’ to Wednesday – July 14, 2010

  1. Metal Mark

    Gallows End – Nemisis Divine
    Sergeant Steel – Lovers and Maniacs
    Sin4sin – 7 deadly
    The Horrifics – Now fear this
    Misfits – boxed set
    Lethal Saint – s/t
    Fear Factory – Mechanize
    Abscess – Dawn of inhumanity

    Cheers season 7
    Mary Tyler Moore season 4

    Confessions of a prairie bitch
    Klingon Dictionary

  2. Chuck

    Bob, what do you think of Maya? I haven’t heard it yet, but I thought her last one had a few stellar moments surrounded by a lot of boring stuff. Curious to hear your thoughts on this one.

    Also, give the Fela album I listed a listen if you get a chance. It’s mixed by Chief Xcel of Blackalicious, and it’s a good collection that is surprisingly cohesive, given that he sometimes only plays a couple minutes of a track. If you don’t know Fela Kuti, this is a good starting point.

    Ellen Allien – Fabric 34
    Ellen Allien – Thrills
    Dennis Ferrer – In The House
    Fela Kuti – The Underground Spiritual Game (mixed by Chief Xcel)
    Robert Plant – Dreamland
    Underworld vs. The Misterons – Athens

  3. The Mad Hatter

    Zombies – Odessey and Oracle
    Free Spirits – Out of Sight and Sound
    Giles, Giles & Fripp – The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & Fripp
    Gogol Bordello – Gypsy Punks
    Beastie Boys – Ill Communication
    Steely Dan – Countdown to Ecstasy

  4. Jeff

    I’ve kind of been in a stoner rock mood lately – as you can see:

    Queens of the Stone Age – Rated R
    Queens of the Stone Age – Lullabies to Paralyze
    Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf
    Kyuss – …And the Circus Leaves Town
    Kyuss – Welcome to Sky Valley
    Desert Sessions – Volumes 9 and 10
    Black Sabbath – Paranoid
    Supertramp – Breakfast in America
    Supertramp – Crime of the Century
    Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
    Beck – Sea Change
    Gaslight Anthem – American Slang (I love this album by the way)
    Peter Case – Wig!
    Mott the Hoople – All the Young Dudes
    David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
    The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry
    The Cure – Disintigration

  5. bobvinyl Post author

    Chuck, Maya got better as it went along, but I wouldn’t call it great by any means. About halfway thought, the songs became actual songs instead of just disjointed beats. Still, there’s nothing like “Paper Planes” so maybe she needs to get back to sampling Clash songs.

    Jeff, I used to love a lot of that stoner stuff, but I never heard any of the Desert Sessions. How is it? Do you have others or just 9/10? Glad to hear you’re enjoying American Slang. If you get the chance, go see Gaslight Anthem. They put on a good show.

  6. Ray Van Horn, Jr.

    Thanks for the plug, sir. Flaky of me to come back already, buuuuuut…

    Zombi – Surface to Air
    Cream – Disraeli Gears
    Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
    Ozzy – Scream
    Dangerous Toys – s/t
    Them Crooked Vultures – s/t
    Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth
    Judas Priest – Point of Entry
    The Mooney Suzuki – People Get Ready
    Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass – Whipped Cream and Other Delights
    36 Crazyfists – Collisions and Castaways

  7. Jeff

    I’ve listened to all of them, and they’re pretty interesting. I don’t know if it’s worth it to buy all of them, but there are definitely some good songs. The part I like most about them is hearing the QOTSA songs before they were QOTSA songs – especially “You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire”, I think that song really shows how important Nick Oliveri’s vocals were on Songs for the Deaf, because Mario Lalli’s vocals sound really out of place on the Desert Sessions version.


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