Peter Katz spreads “Forgiveness”

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I thought this was an interesting story. Singer/songwriter Peter Katz (You don’t know him? Well, neither did I, but he seems to have minor following in Canada) recently wrote a song about breaking the chain of hatred that seems to be entrenched in our society these days. Like so many songwriters, he saw something in the world that made him want to write a song. In this case, it was the father of Al-Zarcawi decapitation victim Nicholas Berg forgiving the man who killed his son rather than hating him. It’s a powerful story. Forgiveness always is. While the song pales in comparison to the reality, it’s still a fine folk song with Katz’s voice being the perfect mix of hope and sadness. Best of all, it’s a song with a serious message that isn’t heavy-handed. It’s a gentle song in a world that needs gentleness. Rather than wait for an album, Katz decided the message was more important and posted the song on his Myspace page for download. I hope he’s preaching to more than just the choir.

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