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Lamb is my biggest sleeper artist of the past 25 years. My reaction to their first album was somewhere between “huh?” and “meh,” but they crept into my subconsciousness and Lou Rhodes emerged as one of my all-time favorite voices.

I was listening to Rhodes’ collaboration with Cinematic Orchestra on the lovely Ma Fleur when I discovered she released four solo albums over the past 15 years. How did this happen? Was I in a coma?

It’s a huge adjustment listening to Rhodes without Andy Barlow’s heartbroken production. However, there is heartbreak here, it simply sounds different. Rhodes’ marriage and band had both dissolved, yet she captured enormous hope and gratitude amidst the loss.

The record’s charms are subtle. The vocal delivery is unexpected yet pretty much perfect, and the performance elevates the words. The instruments are understated but they provide the perfect bed for these vocals.

I’ve used the word “perfect” twice now. I think I’m ok with that. It’s easy to miss the perfection of this album, but take a listen with your eyes closed in a dark room late at night and see what happens.

Released: January 30, 2006

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