Review: Secret Space – Secret Space EP

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Label: Equal Vision
Released: September 25, 2015


Just when I thought I had the review for this EP done, I woke up with one of their songs in my head (“Pit of My Stomach”). To be honest, I don’t necessarily think that it’s a good thing, because sometimes you also get some songs that you didn’t like stuck all day as somehow they’re catchy. I feel like this album is catchy enough for people that are into the indie or alternative genres, and for those… they have found their secret space, at least a secret space that lasts a few minutes.

However, if we get down to business after listening to them several times, I didn’t feel like they had a unique sound. It may be because they reminded me of two bands that I like (Oceansize and Bark Psychosis) and one that I really don’t like (Blink 182), but maybe that’s what they wanted to do or it’s their sound for their target audience. However, there are some things that I have to point out: First, it does bother me when a band sounds like a mixed concept of something, because it kind of feels like you just put fruits that don’t necessarily combine together in a blender, but the result isn’t so bad that you couldn’t actually drink it. The lyrics were fine. You could relate to some of the songs. Perhaps the repetition is key to make the tracks catchy enough to make you wake up singing to them, and you know… watch out. Instrumentally speaking, they sound fine, like an upgraded garage band. It would be interesting to see them play live and compare. Also something to consider is that they give you the pleasure to pick between downloading it in any format you like such as mp3, or FLAC which personally made me happy… You don’t see that often.

I would describe this creation from Secret Space like taking a road trip in an old car… with no a/c and the windows all the way down in hot, humid weather. All the wind is from the car moving. You have no other choice but to enjoy the ride, and drive on auto-pilot. It’s not too bad, but it isn’t good either. You’re enjoying it for sure, but it’s just not comfortable. You have your clothes all sweaty, but you’re cool because the ride is not too long and you will arrive at your destination pretty soon.

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