Review: JFA – To All Our Friends (live)

Label: DC-Jam Records

Released: July 21, 2009

Back in 1985, I bought JFA’s Live 1984 Tour LP. It’s energy was as unbounded as the possibilities of my new found favorite genre and it quickly found itself in steady rotation on my turntable. Nearly a quarter century later, a new piece of live JFA vinyl is spinning in my basement and it’s hard to believe that it still has much of that same thrashy skate punk energy. Sure, the pace isn’t always quite so breakneck, but they make up for a more restrained “Johnny D” by blasting through “You Suck” and the still amusingly stupid “Cokes and Snickers.” Of course, it does seem a little odd for guys in their 40s to be playing “Out of School” or for anyone to still care about preppies in 2009, but even those songs they still pull off with conviction. The couple of newer (meaning after the 80s) tracks on the album are no substitute for some of the crazy covers on their earlier live release, but considerably better recording quality makes To All Our Friends an essential for anyone who still loves JFA and old skate punk.

By the way, the LP comes on beautiful blue vinyl that just adds to the fun of having this one in your collection

Satriani: 5/10
Zappa: 7/10
Dylan: 7/10
Aretha: 9/10
Overall: 8/10


If you’re curious about my rating categories, read the description.

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