Warped Tour 2008 Interview: Mike Ruocco of Cinder Road

The Warped Tour, having expanded beyond its punk rock base, brought along hard rock band Cinder Road. The tour stop in Columbia, MD was a bit of a homecoming for the Baltimore band. I got the chance to see how things are going on the tour and what they have coming up.

RnRnMN: How has the Warped Tour been treating you?

MR: Warped tour has been a very different experience for us coming from the rock world. It is a great look into the true DIY scene.

RnRnMN: What made you decide to join the Warped Tour this year? Has it lived up to your expectations?

MR: We were given the opp to join Warped from Kevin Lyman. We gladly accepted and looked at his opp as a new challenge for us to conquer. So far is has been a good experience.

RnRnMN: The Warped Tour has clearly gotten away form being a primarily punk festival this year. As one of the hard rock bands that joined the tour this year, do you feel like it’s given you the opportunity to reach a new audience?

MR: Yes definitely. We have had the opp t reach a whole new audience unfamiliar with our music. This is a big goal for us anytime we tour.

RnRnMN: Are these the biggest crowds you’ve played for? How does it compare to playing smaller shows?

MR: No we recently spent 2 months on the road with KISS playing stadiums and arenas so it is not the biggest crowds we have played to. However your crowd is soley dependent on your advertising abilities and who is competing for a crowd during your time slot.

RnRnMN: How was it coming home to play the Warped Tour stop in Maryland?

MR: It was great to visit home and see some familiar faces. We can’t wait to go back!

RnRnMN: Who is the best band you’ve seen on the Warped Tour this year?

MR: Anberlin or Story of the Year are personal favs for me.

RnRnMN: There’s a lot of bands to choose from. It’s overwhelming when you get here and look at the schedule. Why should someone see you?

MR: We bring a different musical style and sound to warped. Hopefully the fans are open to new experiences.

RnRnMN: The Warped Tour has corporate sponsors like AT&T. How do you feel about that? Is it a good thing, a necessary evil or a sellout?

MR: I know that I’d like to have a corp sponsor if that answers your question.

RnRnMN: What are your plans after the Warped Tour?

MR: We are scheduled to go out with Alice Cooped for some shows and then its down to writing a new record!



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