Review: John P. Strohm/Dylan in the Movies – So Long City Skies

Label: American Laundromat Records

Released: July 23, 2007

One of American Laundromat’s latest split 7 inches, So Long City Skies finds unjustly lesser-known alt rocker John P. Strohm (formerly of the equally unjustly lesser-known Blake Babies) channeling the Jayhawks. “The Long So Long” is a mild countrified indie rock song that’s so subtle you might not catch it on the first listen, but its sublime soul picks away and works its way in with sparse perfection and sweet harmonies.

The flipside, “City Skies” is well-crafted emo/indie pop from Boston’s Dylan in the Movies. It’s a decent match for Strohm’s contribution, but lacks the balance between clean and raw of the first side, erring on the side of being just a bit too nice and neat. Certainly for the right mood (maybe late at night and alone, but not lonely?), it’s a nice fit, but it doesn’t have the subtlety of “The Long So Long” which finds its way into life in general.

While this record won’t have as much in store outside of its target audience, it does hold a good bit of appeal for lovers of both alt country and low-key indie pop. Vinyl lovers can pick up one of 500 hand-numbered copies. The less fortunate can still get it on iTunes.

Rating: 7/10

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