Review: Supagroup – Fire for Hire

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Label: Foodchain Records

Released: September 25, 2007

Not every copy is a bad thing. There are times when a band can ingest a variety of influences and spit them back as something fresh even if it isn’t entirely new. Supagroup is not such a band.

On Fire for Hire, Supagroup manages to steal from a whole host of 70s and 80s hard rock groups to the point that much of it is almost indistinguishable. The vocals are just a tempered Bon Scott (and we all know that temperance and Bon Scott don’t mix). Much of the music comes across as cheap Van Halen, probably as they would have sounded if they had a thoroughly mediocre guitarist rather than Eddie. In a genre that has experienced more than its share of mediocrity, Supagroup fails to even rise to the middle of the pack.

As if the music itself weren’t bad enough, the lyrics may just be an all-time low. Rock lyrics don’t tend to be poetry, but just about anyone can beat this:

I was changing gears, with a whiskey and a beer,
When I felt her hand on my thigh,
You know you can’t tell that they’re underage,
When you’re looking at ’em from behind.

As you might expect, the story continues with the protagonist being chased down by the law. Faced with a roadblock, he breaks through, killing an officer in the process. Wow, that makes Ice-T’s “Cop Killer” look intelligent. At least Ice-T wasn’t making a case for statutory rape. In the chorus, he sings, “I’m only a man, looking at fifteen years to life.” Wrong, you’re a stupid man and you should get fifteen years for making this record alone.

If I had to give Supagroup credit for something, it’d be that they play with some energy. The problem is that what they’re doing isn’t worthy of energy, so in a sense, even that is a fault. If you’re a misogynist, a moron or both, you might really dig this album. As for me, I found that I could fast-forward through much of the second half of the album and not miss anything.

Here’s their e-card. Send it to people you hate (unless they’re dumb enough to actually want to buy the album).

Rating: 1/10 (They probably would have gotten 3/10, but they lost two points for the statutory rape lyrics.)



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