Warped Tour 2010: Andrew WK

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Andrew WK @ Warped Tour 2010
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia, MD
July 20, 2010


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1 thought on “Warped Tour 2010: Andrew WK

  1. Ray Van Horn, Jr.

    I don’t know if they did it when you saw him this time, but I saw him 3 times within a year and each one was zanier than the next. His “love life” and “happy” spiels are a standard of his concerts. It used to be you were expected to mash your way to the stage and jam up there with the band for “Party Hard,” which was a tremendous spectacle to see the stage straining to hold half the club on it while AWK sang like a giddy fool with his fans at his back. The third show, however, the fans jumping onstage turned into novelty as they did it on most of the songs. You could tell the band was getting the shits of it during the other songs and I agree; it took the magic of the “Party Hard” group hug completely away. Perhaps that’s why AWK laid low awhile to write, get on MTV for awhile and do a piano-only rock album.


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