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Warped Tour 2008 Interview: Johnny Rioux of Street Dogs

This year’s Warped Tour may have been a little short on punk quantity, but not quality and Street Dogs were among the best. I caught up with bassist Johnny Rioux to find out how the tour’s been going, the reaction to the new album, State of Grace, and what’s coming next for the band. RnRnMN: How has the Warped Tour… Read more »

Warped Tour 2008 Interview: Chris Youngblood of To Write Love On Her Arms

One of the many organizations that joined the Warped Tour to spread their message, To Write Love on Her Arms simply reaches out to people in trouble, whether it be addiction, depression, suicide or any other trouble faced in today’s world. Chris Youngblood, TWLOHA’s representative at their Warped Tour tent, gave me some more info on their goals and achievements…. Read more »

Warped Tour 2008 Interview: Audelio Flores of Set Your Goals

Following their first full-length, Mutiny!, in 2006, Set Your Goals have toured with the likes of Anti-Flag, Alexisonfire and Big D and the Kids Table. They also made an appearance at the Bamboozle earlier this year. Now on the Warped Tour, I had the chance to find out how things are going and what’s up next from guitarist Audelio Flores…. Read more »

Warped Tour 2008 Interview: Leader of Oreskaband

There are only a few bands with a trombone player on the Warped Tour this year (unlike the ska heyday a few years back), but only one is from Japan! I got a chance to catch up with Leader of Oreskaband to find out how the tour is going, what’s up with their movie, Lock and Roll Forever, and what… Read more »

Warped Tour 2008 Interview: Travis of From First to Last

From First to Last is following up the Spring release of their self-titled album on Suretone Records with a summer-long stint on the Warped Tour. On the verge of breaking through to the next level, vocalist/guitarist Travis Richter took a few minutes to tell me what’s going on with the band and what’s in store for the future. RnRnMN: How… Read more »

Warped Tour 2008 Interview: Mike Ruocco of Cinder Road

The Warped Tour, having expanded beyond its punk rock base, brought along hard rock band Cinder Road. The tour stop in Columbia, MD was a bit of a homecoming for the Baltimore band. I got the chance to see how things are going on the tour and what they have coming up. RnRnMN: How has the Warped Tour been treating… Read more »

Warped Tour 2008 Interview: Kristina Grossmann of Rock for Health

One of the great things about the Warped Tour is its desire to showcase activist and charitable organizations. Rock for Health is one such organization whose goals center around health care and advice for musicians who are frequently without any resources. Kristina Grossmann, president of Rock for Health, answered a few questions about the organization and its presence on the… Read more »