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Review: Stegosaur – Adventure 7 inch

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Released: October 13, 2009 Label: Seafoam Recordings Stegosaur opens up this 7″ by discussing the trials and tribulations of making (and selling) a record. If a commercially successful record was made by packing a lot into a short record, they’d be in great shape. Sadly, the “industry” isn’t quite like that. “A Headache” is a driving tune with a touch… Read more »

Whattya Listenin’ to Wednesday – June 16, 2010

Well, I didn’t pick up anything new this week, but I spent a good bit of time with a few releases that I need to review. Everyone Everywhere’s new self-titled album, on Tiny Engines, has hints of Hüsker Dü mixed in that made me instantly like it and Stegosaur’s Adventure 7″ is a clever and creative indie gem that packs… Read more »

Kevin Beadles – You Can’t Argue with Water

Released: July 13, 2010 Label: Ripple Music I like pop music, but there’s always this underlying sense that I’m being hoodwinked by it. Are the hooks and the glossy sheen that make it so easy going down distracting me from fundamental flaws? Is it all based more on head than heart? Perhaps it’s unfair, but those questions pervade my enjoyment… Read more »

Review: Dirt Mall – Pacifuego

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Released: February 2, 2010 Label: Daykamp Records Dirt Mall’s last album, Got the Goat by the Horns, survived more on raw energy than on innovation or spectacular songwriting. The songs were solid, to be sure, but it was the kick behind them that really propelled the album. While that album was well-worth checking out, the band had to kick up… Read more »

Review: Gaslight Anthem – American Slang

Released: June 15, 2010 Label: SideOneDummy Records The '59 Sound, Gaslight Anthem's 2008 release, got a lot of comparisons to Springsteen. That was fair enough as there is no doubt that the band's sound was influenced by the godfather of their home state's rock and roll scene. However, what seemed to get lost in those comparisons, was that weren't simply… Read more »

Review: Rooftops – A Forest of Polarity

Label: Clickpop Records (CD)/Topshelf Records (LP) Released: May 18, 2010 It's a little bit strange to put on an album by a young post-rock band and think, "This remind me of Yes!" For snobbier fans of the genre, it might be an immediate turn-off to see the comparison to the arena rocking prog dinosaur of days gone by, but fear… Read more »

Review: Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)/Football, Etc – Split 7 inch

Released: December 15, 2009 Label: Count Your Lucky Stars After last year's What It Takes to Move Forward, Empire! Empire! certainly seems like they are the very pinnacle of emo creativity and execution, breathing new life into a genre currently choking on its co-opted mainstream success. With the genre's elder statesmen like Sunny Day Real Estate and Promise Ring defunct… Read more »

Live: Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra (with The Water)

May 18, 2010 The Ottobar, Baltimore, MD Thee Silver Mount Zion is an amazing band that pushes the possibilities of music to the point that they are hard to define. While post-rock seems to be the most common pigeonhole, even that term's undefined, forward-focused nature seems woefully inadequate. Frankly, before this show, I could appreciate SMZ's albums more that I… Read more »

Live: Public Image Limited

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May 11, 2010 Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD When John Lydon exited the Sex Pistols, leaving behind his old moniker, few people expected that he would also be leaving behind the brash, visceral rawness of first generation punk to become a prime mover in the burgeoning musical explorations of post-punk. The difference between Never Mind the Bollocks and First Issue… Read more »

Live: Buzzcocks (with Dollyrots)

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May 12, 2010 The Ottobar, Baltimore, MD     Though the Buzzcocks have released more recent material, two albums in the last decade even, this tour was for their first two releases from way back in 1978 which were re-issued by Mute Records earlier this year and played in their entirety. That certainly sets up the potential for a show that’s… Read more »