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50 Cent

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50 Cent is really just a Britney Spears who’s been shot nine times. The whole idea of him as a credible artist is based on him getting shot and not his contribution to the music released under his name. He must be real if he’s been shot, right? Seriously, when you boil it down, he’s no more talented a rapper… Read more »

The Kills

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The new Kills album, No Wow, is like an album of love songs with all the romance of a seedy strip club. W’s sensuous, almost bluesy vocals have the allure and raw sex of an erotic dancer while Hotel’s mechanical neo-new wave beats are a reminder that you can’t touch. Hotel’s fuzzy garage guitar is just enough edge to make… Read more »

Mars Volta, Part 2

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In a previous post, I suggested that Mars Volta may be on the verge of becoming the next Pink Floyd and releasing an album on par with Dark Side of the Moon. Tonight, while driving home and thinking of what to post, I wondered, “What if they don’t release something on the level of Dark Side?” A few seconds later,… Read more »

Greatest Hits?!?!?

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I just noticed today that Rhapsody has added Better Than Ezra’s Greatest Hits. Greatest hits? Should that really be plural? I remember “Good” being a decent song at a time when most things on the radio were decent. I vaguely remember that they had another single (from the next album?) that charted, but didn’t get that much play. Maybe I’m… Read more »

Cool Labels

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Awhile back, I posted about No Idea Records. Here’s a few more cool labels to check out: Turn Records – Turn is a great little indie rock label. The catalog is small in size, but big in coolness. Jeff, who runs the label, takes a personal interest in the music too, which probably accounts for the quality of the releases…. Read more »

Bad Lyrics

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Occaisionally, rock lyrics are poetry, but most often, they’re just words that are really only moving in conjunction with music. That’s perfectly fine, because the lyrics don’t have to stand on their own. How often do you sit around reading the lyrics to songs you aren’t listening to? The words are part of a larger whole that (hopefully) moves us… Read more »

7 Seconds Show Part 4: You’re never too old to be young…

“A lot of times I still feel like a kid. I guess we’re all kids…” Kevin Seconds said that at one point during the show, but he didn’t have to. Everything about 7 Seconds’ performance said it for him. Before they even got on stage, I noticed drummer Troy Mowatt limbering up for the set, jumping up and down like… Read more »