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Review: Stone Axe/Mighty High split 7 inch

Released: June 29, 2010 Label: Ripple Music Stoner rock always conjures up images of slow, sludgy tunes played in dark, smoky rooms…but it isn’t always like that. The bands on this split EP are perfect examples. Stone Axe’s “Metal Damage” is a mid-paced tune that mixes metal heaviness with a 70s hard rock groove. It has more punch and a… Read more »

Review: Admiral Browning – Magic Elixir

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Label: Dancing Sasquatch Records Released: April 2009 So much stoner and doom rock tends to be an exercise in heaviness alone. While that certainly has its place, few people can take the steady bludgeoning that it offers even as it fills that need in all who really love heavy metal for the mind-numbing weight of slow, trudging riffs that take… Read more »

Review: Clutch – Full Fathom Five (Audio Field Recordings 2007-2008)

Label: Weathermaker Music (distributed by MVD) Released: September 15, 2008 As a studio band, Clutch has released several of my all-time favorite albums, but those came out a decade or more ago. As a live band, Clutch has never satisfied me. Their dynamic heavy groove that sets them apart from the field of Sabbath and space rock devotees that have… Read more »

Review: Hackman – The New Normal

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Label: Small Stone Records Released: May 29, 2007 The heavy sludge that is the principle ingredient in Hackman’s sound isn’t necessarily a hot commodity these days. In order to stand out, bands have to incorporate more than just a love for Black Sabbath and Hackman does just that. The album starts off slow and heavy, but doesn’t stay that way…. Read more »

Review: Tia Carrera – You Are the War 7″

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Label: Arclight Records Released: 2007 Over the course of rock history, “Louie Louie” has been covered countless times. Its simplicity and infectious hook make it an easy task for even the most pedestrian bands. On the other hand, to my knowledge, only one band has covered Lungfish’s “You Are the War.” There’s a few reasons: Lungfish is fairly far outside… Read more »

Review: Greenleaf – Agents of Ahriman

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Label: Small Stone Records Released: June 11. 2007 Despite all of its tackiness, the 70s seem to have provided quite a well to which bands seem to return again and again, some for a small drink before moving on and others for their very sustenance. Sweden’s Greenleaf is among the latter group. Stoner bands and their 70s hard rock influence… Read more »

Review: Blue Cheer – What Doesn’t Kill You…

Label: Rainman Records Released: August 21, 2007 Most people probably fall into one of two camps regarding their expectations for Blue Cheer’s latest album, What Doesn’t Kill You: One group expects this album, featuring 2/3 of the Vincebus Eruptum lineup, to be an amazing return to past form, proving that Blue Cheer is as vital today amongst their stoner rock… Read more »

Review: Wooly Mammoth – The Temporary Nature

Label: Underdogma Records Released: November 28, 2006 With a name like Wooly Mammoth, this band has a lot to live up to. They either have to live up to the name literally as the heaviest of the heavy or ironically as light and fluffy pop. Few will be displeased that they opt for the former even if they don’t fully… Read more »

Myspace: Mongrels

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Mongrels is a Canadian five piece that is in sense a supergroup of lesser-knowns, drawing members from Tricky Woo, Bionic, Blood Sausage and Local Rabbits (I haven’t heard of all of them either). They mix a stoner 70s hard rock influence with garage and soul to create heavy, sludgey grooves for singer Amy Turok’s wailing voice. Two drummers add heaviness… Read more »

Review: Tia Carrera – Heaven/Hell EP

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Label: Arclight Records Released: June 12, 2007 Most stoner rock bands love Black Sabbath and Tia Carrera is no different in that respect. What sets them apart, aside from sheer technical prowess and experimental intuition, is that Black Sabbath isn’t the primary trick in their bag. They meld Sabbath’s heaviness with Hendrix’s psychedelic grooves and Greg Ginn’s free jazz punk…. Read more »