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Led Zeppelin (kinda) new releases announced…

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Once Zeppelin announced their one-off reunion gig set for the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund benefit concert on November 26, 2007, you knew the re-issues and repackagings wouldn’t be far behind. Rhino Records has announced a pair scheduled to come out just before the long awaited reunion. Mothership is a 24 track double CD drawing songs from each of Zeppelin’s studio… Read more »

Contest: Win a copy of the new two disc version of Pink Floyd’s Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Over the years, Pink Floyd has done several entire movie soundtracks. Obviously, The Wall is one, but there were two others earlier in their career. Be the first to name the films as well as the Floyd albums that contain their soundtracks and I’ll send you a copy of the CD in the mail! Don’t put your answer in the… Read more »

Review: Pink Floyd – Piper at the Gates of Dawn (40th Anniversary Edition)

Label: Capitol-EMI (2 CD and 3 CD) Released: September 4, 2007 (originally released August 5, 1967) Piper at the Gates of Dawn is almost universally accepted as a great album. Certainly, “Astronomy Domine” is amazing in its own right. The three group compositions in the middle of the album are good, though somewhat underdeveloped, indicators of where Pink Floyd would… Read more »

Review: Patti Scialfa – Play It as It Lays

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Label: Columbia Records Released: September 4, 2007 Patti Scialfa will always find herself in the unenviable position of begging the question, “Would anyone care if she wasn’t married to Springsteen?” Certainly, her marriage has proven to be a fine career move and she has an unfair shot at getting her music out compared to singers who aren’t married to the… Read more »

Review: Supagroup – Fire for Hire

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Label: Foodchain Records Released: September 25, 2007 Not every copy is a bad thing. There are times when a band can ingest a variety of influences and spit them back as something fresh even if it isn’t entirely new. Supagroup is not such a band. On Fire for Hire, Supagroup manages to steal from a whole host of 70s and… Read more »

DVD: The Bangles – Return to Bangleonia

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Label: Shout! Factory Released: August 14, 2007 I’ve always loved the Bangles. Even the big sellout of Different Light still had the sweet harmonies and sixties jangle that I loved in their days in the Paisley Underground. I don’t operate under the illusion that bands often recapture their prime when reuniting, but I did expect an energetic show and an… Read more »

Review: Landonband – Defying the Stereotype

Label: self-released (available at CD Baby Released: 2006 Defying the Stereotype is a bit of a misnomer for this album. Perhaps Confused About the Stereotype or Lost in the Stereotype would be more appropriate. It’s certainly not “stereotype” that I object to, but “defying,” because this record defies nothing. From the opening track, Landonband spends their time genre-hopping. True, there… Read more »

Review: Paul McCartney – Memory Almost Full

Label: Hear Music Released: June 5, 2007 Paul McCartney’s solo career has been erratic to say the least. His first solo effort shows us both that he’s a great pop songwriter and that he’s willing to stretch out and take chances at times. Sometimes those chances worked, but often they were too slick for their own good. From the mid-70s… Read more »

Review: The Go-Gos – God Bless the Go-Gos

Label: Beyond Records Released: May 15, 2001 With very few exceptions, reunion albums are not essential listening. The best we can hope for is a solid album that at least isn’t an embarrassment. In 2001, the Go-Gos released their first studio album in 17 years. Considering such a long layoff and that their first go round was short and inconsistent… Read more »