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Johnny Kidd and the Pirates – Shakin’ All Over

We’ve all heard the term “going down a rabbit hole,” usually applied to a Google or Wikipedia search that goes off the rails and turns into hours of reading following an improbable path.  As a music lover, I like to think of this as more akin to stepping into a river that is the rich history of musical expression.  The… Read more »

Review: Elvis Presley – The Complete ’68 Comeback Special 40th Anniversary Edition

Label: RCA Released: August 5, 2008 The story of Elvis’ 1968 comeback special is well known. By that time, the music that Elvis, not begot, but certainly laid the groundwork for, had passed him by. While Elvis was busy making silly movies like Blue Hawaii and Harem Scarum, rock and roll was broadening its horizons and beginning to take itself… Read more »

Review: Watts – One Below the All Time Low

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Label: Self-released; buy it at CD Baby or Not Lame Released: September 4, 2007 Watts took their name from the drummer of perhaps the most over-rated rock band in history. However, the part of the Stones that they tap into is that of the band in its hungry 60s prime, not the bloated dinosaur of the last 35 years. And… Read more »

Van Morrison “Best of” out November 6th

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From the press release: THE ONLY CAREER-SPANNING VAN MORRISON “BEST OF” ALBUM AVAILABLE; OUT NOVEMBER 6TH (Los Angeles, CA) – More than 40 years since bursting out of Belfast with Them, Van Morrison continues to make great music, continues to tour the world, and continues to inspire and engage new generations of fans and artists alike. Here on Still On… Read more »

Review: Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas

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Label: Sony BMG Released: July 31, 2007 With a title like Viva Las Vegas, I suspect many people’s expectations are very low, associating this with the lounge lizard Elvis. However, that turns out to be an off-base assumption. The truth is this album captures Elvis during his second-wind. True, the young, hungry singer from the days before the Army and… Read more »