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Review: Chuck Ragan – The Blueprint Sessions (singles club and CD)

Label: No Idea Records Released: September 2006 – June 2007 For those expecting to hear the next generation of Hot Water Music, go buy the Draft’s In a Million Pieces. Chuck Ragan’s The Blueprint Sessions only shares his former band’s emotional appeal, but the music itself is far closer to the raw folk/punk that he did with Rumbleseat. This is… Read more »

Review: 31Knots – The Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere

Label: Polyvinyl Records Released: March 6, 2007 Often a great album is one where everything comes together in ways unimagined with hooks that make one wonder how anyone could write something that instantly likable. Other times, great albums take effort. The Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere, 31Knots’ fourth full-length release, is like that. A consistently unsettling work, it achieves… Read more »

Review: Bryan Ferry – Dylanesque

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Label: Virgin Released: June 26, 2007 One would think that an accomplished artist who dedicates an entire album to covering another single artist must be both enamored and well-versed in his or her subject. An all-Dylan Bryan Ferry release might sound a bit odd considering that Dylan speaks to our hearts in warm, organic imperfections while Ferry speaks in cold,… Read more »