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Review: Woody Guthrie and Lead Belly – Folkways: The Original Vision

Label: Smithsonian Folkways Released: April 25, 2005 It’s interesting how sometimes, two completely different artists can embody the greatest facets of an entire style of music. For example, take a look at The Beatles and The Rolling Stones; one is the hopeful and adventurous warmth of daylight, while the other is the nihilistic swagger of darkness. And while rock fans… Read more »

Review: Tia Carrera – The November Session

Label: Australian Cattle God Released: September 6, 2005 First and foremost, Tia Carrera is a stoner rock band. This is not the long-dreaded release of Sweet covers by the largely forgotten Wayne’s World star. It’s a bad name, but that’s where the bad stops. The stoner rock field has gotten fairly crowded over the last ten years and it gets… Read more »