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Review: Thieves and Liars – American Rock n Roll

Label: Dreamt Released: September 1, 2009 Thieves & Liars debut, last year’s When Dreams Become Reality, was a bold, expansive album. If it had a noticeable fault, it was that it didn’t always turn its breadth into a cohesive whole. American Rock n Roll doesn’t suffer that same ill though. It’s a much more straight forward hard rock album. While… Read more »

Review: Painted Willie – Mind Bowling (re-issue)

Label: DC-Jam Records Released: July 17, 2009 SST Records was, if nothing else, a source of 80s musical madness. The label was somewhat diverse, but insanity was its consistency. While Hüsker Dü, the Meat Puppets and a few others moved on to major label semi-success, many of their bands burned up in the label’s creative melee. Painted Willie was just… Read more »

Review: Pictures of Then – Pictures of Then and the Wicked Sea

Label: self-released Released: August 4, 2009 If Jeff Lynne was more quirky than slick, he may have found himself in the neighborhood of Pictures of Then and the Wicked Sea. From the start, the band makes it clear that they have both bombastic, big guitars as well as carefully crafted hooks up their sleeve, yet they manage to be grounded… Read more »

Review: Jazz Re-issues from Sonny Rollins, Clifford Brown, Max Roach, Red Garland, Art Tatum and Ben Webster

Label: Essential Jazz Classics Released: June 2, 2009 The mid to late 50s was a near perfect time for jazz. As post-bop and cool jazz emerged from Charlie Parker’s bebop shake-up, the genre’s top artists were refining the sound. In a few short years, jazz would be set on its ear again by Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane and Charles Mingus… Read more »

THe BAcksliders – Thank You

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Label: self-released and free! Released: May 16, 2009 Thank You‘s title may prefigure last year’s You’re Welcome, but the sound is moving forward. THe BAcksliders don’t refine their previous effort, so much as distill what’s clearly in their hearts. Whether it’s the flat out energy of “Have You Ever Been Down” or the hard-edged soulfullness of “Last Call,” the band… Read more »

Review: Brian Bond – Fire & Gold

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Label: self-released Released: March 10, 2009 Folk and punk has found some common ground over the years. From Billy Bragg’s incendiary love and politics to Elliott Smith’s dark beauty, the two genres have occasionally met in strange ways that have never been entirely one genre or the other, yet clearly rooted in both. Brian Bond is a similar artist in… Read more »

Review: Everyone Everywhere – A Lot of Weird People Standing Around

Label: Evil Weevil Records Released: April 7, 2009 I’d almost forgotten what emo was like before it became a dirty word, but Everyone Everywhere is a clear reminder. Sure, the mohawk crowd is still going to find this to be too sappy, but it never devolves into the self-conscious and saccharine whine-fest that consumes the genre today. The vocals, sensitive,… Read more »

Review: John Scofield – Piety Street

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Label: Emarcy Released: March 31, 2009 Over the years, John Scofield has worked with a who’s who of jazz and fusion artists. He has established himself as one of the top names in jazz guitar and is almost as well known outside of jazz circles as he is within. He’s one of those artists who finds himself in the unique… Read more »

Review: Kate Mann – Things Look Different When the Sun Goes Down

Label: Orange Dress Records Released: March 17, 2009 On the surface, Kate Mann finds herself channeling a bit of Joni Mitchell and a bit of Janis Joplin, her music swinging gently across the short space between folk and blues. While it is that bit of Joni that shows up in a clever musical phrase here and there, it also manifests… Read more »