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Review: Various Artists – Mystic Radio Presents Covers

Label: Mystic Records Released: 1985 Punk covers albums are a dime a dozen these days, but back in 1985 this album was a pretty good novelty. Twenty mostly fine efforts were committed to vinyl under the tag line, “Our favorite bands mutilate your favorite songs.” How true that was. Some of the covers are typical choices and some are more… Read more »

Review: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start – Worst Band Name Ever

Label: self-released Released: June 2007 They certainly got the title right. Pop culture Nintendo reference aside, the name is just awful. But the music is another story and that’s how they get away with it. Building on their layered indie rock past, Up Up Down Down (I’m skipping the rest for the sake of brevity) take significant strides forward with… Read more »

Review: Ox – American Lo Fi

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Label: Weewerk Released: October 17, 2006 You know it’s a fine album when a band pulls off a cover of a song like “Surrender” and it’s not even the album’s best track. Ox offers up this indie alt-country should-be classic that weaves its way from rock to country and back with a few detours along the way, all held together… Read more »

Review: John P. Strohm/Dylan in the Movies – So Long City Skies

Label: American Laundromat Records Released: July 23, 2007 One of American Laundromat’s latest split 7 inches, So Long City Skies finds unjustly lesser-known alt rocker John P. Strohm (formerly of the equally unjustly lesser-known Blake Babies) channeling the Jayhawks. “The Long So Long” is a mild countrified indie rock song that’s so subtle you might not catch it on the… Read more »

Review: Picastro – Whore Luck

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Label: Polyvinyl Records Released: September 11, 2007 Some albums are great, because you always want to listen to them and others are great, because sometimes you want to listen to nothing else. Picastro’s third album, Whore Luck, is the latter. It’s a questionable state of mind that would want a steady diet of this album, yet there are likely times… Read more »