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Review: Prong – Power of the Damager

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Label: 13th Planet Records Released: October 2, 2007 In their prime, Prong established a sound that was so unique and intense, that it’s influence can still be felt today. In doing so, they also set their own standard fairly high, making post-prime albums even more difficult for them. Power of the Damager won’t hold up to an album like Cleansing…. Read more »

Review: Static Radio NJ – One for the Good Guys

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Label: CD on Black Numbers Records and 7″ on Chunksaah Records Released: August 2007 Oddly enough, even hardcore can over think itself and often enough it ends up getting away from is visceral core as a result. That makes a band like Static Radio NJ refreshing. They aren’t rewriting the genre by any means, but they play straightforward East coast… Read more »

Review: John Fogerty – Revival

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Label: Fantasy/Concord Music Group Released: October 2, 2007 While John Fogerty is not likely to ever match his output in Creedence Clearwater Revival, he still manages to release some very good solo material spaced out over a period of 30+ years. Revival, his latest offering often aims at Creedence and the protest climate of the 60s. The album kicks off… Read more »

Review: Zerobridge – Havre de Grace

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Label: self-released Released: September 18, 2007 Zerobridge was formed by two Kashmiri brothers who grew up near the namesake of the their EP, Havre de Grace, Maryland. While this broader cultural experience may seem like a boon for the band, their music has little to do with the former and everything to do with the latter. Zerobridge relies on the… Read more »

Review: Mars Hill – Fate Chance Luck Dance

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Label: Sandbar Music Released: May 2006 According to Mars Hill’s Myspace page, they are “one of the most original and finest bands of the 21st century” and they are “genre-defying.” The former is beyond a stretch. No offense, but they aren’t even close. The latter, however, is pretty accurate. The list of genres touched significantly by Mars Hill is longer… Read more »

Review: Patti Scialfa – Play It as It Lays

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Label: Columbia Records Released: September 4, 2007 Patti Scialfa will always find herself in the unenviable position of begging the question, “Would anyone care if she wasn’t married to Springsteen?” Certainly, her marriage has proven to be a fine career move and she has an unfair shot at getting her music out compared to singers who aren’t married to the… Read more »

Review: Rachael Cantu – Run All Night

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Label: Q Division Records Released: February 7, 2006 A number of years ago, I bought a 7″ from a band I’d never heard on a whim. The band was okay, but the thing that stayed with me was the voice. It was rich and mature, yet young and optimistic. It was beautiful. The band was Quite Satellite and that voice… Read more »

DVD: The Bangles – Return to Bangleonia

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Label: Shout! Factory Released: August 14, 2007 I’ve always loved the Bangles. Even the big sellout of Different Light still had the sweet harmonies and sixties jangle that I loved in their days in the Paisley Underground. I don’t operate under the illusion that bands often recapture their prime when reuniting, but I did expect an energetic show and an… Read more »

Review: Slough Feg – Hardworlder

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Label: Cruz Del Sur Music Released: July 2007 Though Slough Feg’s name is derived from Irish mythology, they’re really at the forefront of the NWOSFHM (New Wave of San Francisco Heavy Metal). What that really means is that they’re from Frisco and they love Iron Maiden. This is the band’s sixth release, but the first one I’ve heard. Even from… Read more »