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Review: Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats – Meet the Meatbats

Label: Warrior Records Released: September 15, 2009 Fans of Chad Smith’s other endeavors, the funk/punk of Red Hot Chili Peppers and the generic hard rock of Chickenfoot, will find his Bombastic Meatbats project to be a surprise to say the least. It owes more to 70s fusion artists John McLaughlin and Herbie Hancock and jazz-oriented prog than it does to… Read more »

Review: Ace Frehley – Anomaly

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Label: Bronx Born Records Released: September 15, 2009 Anomaly is the latest release from Ace Frehley, but it’s also a good description of Space Ace himself in a sense. After all, he’s the only member of Kiss to make any good records on his own. So, score one for Ace. On the other hand, it’s been 20 years since he’s… Read more »

Review: The Treat – Audio Verité/Deceptive Blends

Label: Rockular Recordings, Ltd. Released: June 15, 2009 One of the best things about the Treat’s last album, 2007’s Phonography, was its ability to really move around through rock’s past. It was the movement from influence to influence that gave the album a lot of its life and that’s why their new approach is a little bit disappointing. The double… Read more »

Review: George Thorogood and the Destroyers – The Dirty Dozen

Label: Capitol/EMI Released: July 28, 2009 George Thorogood’s principle charm is that he plays the blues for people who aren’t really all that blue. In many ways, he’s a classic blues artist from his shuffling riffs to his beer-soaked voice, except, at his best…well, he’s kinda fun. Thorogood’s latest release, The Dirty Dozen, is at least sporadically successful in that… Read more »

Review: Bob Dylan – Together Through Life

Label: Columbia Records Released: April 28, 2009 When Bob Dylan released Love and Theft back in 2001, it seemed that he had more good music left in him than anyone expected. Five years later, Modern Times said otherwise (though many surely disagree). It was tired and old and adult. Now, in 2009, Dylan offers up yet another late career album… Read more »

Review: Anarbor – Free Your Mind and The Bigger Lights – Fiction Fever

Label: Hopeless Records Released: March 10, 2009 Label: Doghouse Records Released: April 7, 2009 Thirty years ago, a subgenre of rock that had been building for a few years was just about ready to explode. AOR took the best elements of 70s rock, dummied it down, made it safe and sold millions of records whose broad appeal was based on… Read more »

Review: Motorik – Klang!

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Label: self-released (CD Baby) Released: April 28, 2009 In the waning days of the first wave of punk, several bands took the groundwork it had laid and mixed it up with a frantic sense of dancability. For lack of a better desciption, we called it post-punk. Three decades later, it seems like everyone wants to “rediscover” Joy Division, the Fall,… Read more »

Review: Guns on the Roof – “Shattered Feeling”

Label: Glory Glory Released: March 2, 2009 Guns on the Roof have spent the last two years playing with the likes of Rancid, the Misfits, Stiff Little Fingers, UK Subs, the Briggs and others, all bands that mix their punk rock sneers with unbeatable hooks. Their touring company along with the band from who they lifted their moniker have all… Read more »

DVD: Vans Warped Tour ’07

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Label: Image Entertainment Released: December 2, 2008 For years, the Warped Tour has managed to find a healthy balance between DIY punk ethics and corporate involvement. Granted, the corporate presence has increased quite a bit over the last decade, but Kevin Lyman and company still put on a great show while keeping tickets and merchandise cheap and leaving at least… Read more »

Review: Sammy Hagar – Cosmic Universal Fashion

Label: Roadrunner Records Released: November 18, 2008 There are artists who push the boundaries, who set new standards, who break rules. Sammy Hagar isn’t one of them. Anyone acquainted with his career knows this and anyone expecting him to do any of these things is surely setting himself up for disappointment. Sammy Hagar has a formula and he sticks to… Read more »