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Review: Kiss – Sonic Boom

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Label: KISS Records Released: October 5, 2009 Before even listening, Sonic Boom suffers from some degree of disingenuousness just because they dressed Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer up as Ace and Peter. C’mon guys, at least Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent got their own Kiss persona. And gee, the cover art looks a little familiar too. Sonic Boom does look… Read more »

Review: Flying Machines

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Label: Meteor 17 Released: September 22, 2009 Flying Machines recently won Converse’s “Get Out of the Garage” nationwide battle of the bands contest. Their music has been featured on TV’s Psych. They’re a band on the way up. So, what’s the hype? Well, their guitar driven pop rock (a la the Killers) fits in nicely with the current mood of… Read more »

Review: Bruce Springsteen – Working on a Dream

Label: Columbia Released: January 27, 2009 “The Wrestler” is the bonus track on Springsteen’s latest album, Working on a Dream. It’s a honest tale set to poignant music. It connects in the way we expect Springsteen to connect. However, it is appropriately labeled as bonus material, because it really doesn’t fit the rest of the album. The strings on the… Read more »

Review: Rod Stewart – The Definitive Rod Stewart

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Label: Warner Brothers Released: November 18, 2008 Rod Stewart may have the perfect rock voice. It’s raw and honest and warm and he expresses emotion with ease. Its rough edges are its primary strength. The first handful of tracks on this collection, rock songs tied tightly to their folk, boogie and blues roots, are ideal vehicles for Stewart’s perfect imperfection…. Read more »

Review: Copper Sails – Hiding Place

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Label: self-released Released: January 13, 2009 Copper Sails seems like one of those bands that could be poised for the big time. I mean, this thing they’re doing worked for Coldplay, didn’t it? Hiding Place is carefully thought out, constructed and performed. They steal form all the right indie and alt bands on both sides of the Atlantic. The melodies… Read more »

Review: Cinematic Sunrise – A Coloring Storybook and Long Playing Record

Label: Equal Vision Released: May 13, 2008 The presense of Chiodos’ Craig Owens and Bradley Bell will likely lead listeners to expect that band’s bold and expansive offshoot from hardcore, but nothing could be further from Cinematic Sunrise. This project replaces punch with pop and challenges with safety. While that might not make every Chiodos fan happy, it at least… Read more »

Review: The Feelings Mutual – s/t

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Label: Ares Records Released: June 24, 2008 The Feelings Mutual take off where 90s alt rock left off, adding some hard rock riffs to hints of both darkness and pop gloss around each turn. They open with the riff-heavy rock of “Monolith,” but quickly scale that back into slower guitar-driven pop. At times they hint at Queens of the Stone… Read more »

Review: The Offspring – Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

Label: Columbia Records Released: June 17, 2008 Punk rock made its way out of seedy clubs and into arenas over a decade ago, but that didn’t always mean that the bands who made it just turned on the commercial rock and abandoned their roots. Green Day, perhaps the genre’s biggest success story (unless you consider Nirvana punk), still really plays… Read more »

Review: Man Raze – Surreal

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Label: VH1 Classics Released: June 3, 2008 A few months back, I heard a few pre-release tracks of this project which reunites Def Leppard’s Phil Collen with former Girl bandmate Simon Laffy and brings in ex-Sex Pistol Paul Cook. The line-up certainly sounds like it could be flirting with disaster, but that preview raised my hopes that this would be… Read more »