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Review: Judas Priest – Nostradamus

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Label: Epic Released: June 17, 2008 By basing their latest album on the life of the famous 16th Century French clairvoyant, Judas Priest opened themselves up to a wide variety of clever (and not-so-clever) quips. In anticipation of the release, I think I’ve gotten most of that out of my system over the last few months. Nonetheless, I will do… Read more »

Review: Hot Chip – Made in the Dark

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Label: Astralwerks Released: February 4, 2008 Chuck and I tried this once before with Out_Circuit’s Pierce the Empire with a Sound. It went well enough that we decided to take another shot at it with Hot Chip’s latest, Made in the Dark. Things definitely had a better flow this time and I was surprised at how well we fed off… Read more »

Review: Bryan Ferry – Dylanesque

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Label: Virgin Released: June 26, 2007 One would think that an accomplished artist who dedicates an entire album to covering another single artist must be both enamored and well-versed in his or her subject. An all-Dylan Bryan Ferry release might sound a bit odd considering that Dylan speaks to our hearts in warm, organic imperfections while Ferry speaks in cold,… Read more »