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Review: Bret Michaels – Rock My World

Label: VH1 Classics Released: June 3, 2008 Bret Michaels’ stupid reality show (I guess it’s redundant to call reality tv stupid) takes its name from the shallow lyrics of Rock My World‘s opening track, “Go That Far.” Frankly, bad as it is, it’s still the best this album has to offer. From there, it’s all downhill into a series of… Read more »

Review: Queensryche – Take Cover

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Label: Rhino Released: November 13, 2007 A cover here and there isn’t a bad thing and often playing covers helps a band know itself. But there’s a big difference between the occasional cover that pops up on an album or a live set and releasing a whole album of someone else’s songs. This trend, similar to the current trend of… Read more »

Review: Supagroup – Fire for Hire

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Label: Foodchain Records Released: September 25, 2007 Not every copy is a bad thing. There are times when a band can ingest a variety of influences and spit them back as something fresh even if it isn’t entirely new. Supagroup is not such a band. On Fire for Hire, Supagroup manages to steal from a whole host of 70s and… Read more »

Review: Superdude – Pothead Punk

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Label: Ace Records Released: August 7, 2007 Superdude seems to rely an awful lot on his reputation. Unfortunately for him, that reputation isn’t very current. I don’t even think it was ever all that substantial. His entire being seems to stem from some time he spent at the Factory with Andy Warhol. I’ve heard of the Factory, of course, and… Read more »