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Illuminati Hotties – “Mmmoooaaaaaayaya”

There is nothing wrong with lo-fi cacophony, but a messy recording today is not quite the same as a messy recording 30 or 40 years ago. Much like a pair of jeans that are bought with holes in them are not the same as ones whose holes were worn into them. “Mmmoooaaaaaayaya” has a catchy hook juxtaposed with a lot… Read more »

Review: Victor! Fix The Sun – Person Place or Thing

Label: Friction Records Released: October 20, 2009 Albums that rely heavily on noisy dissonance and angular rhythms as a means of expression seldom even dabble in accessibility, but Person Place or Thing, the latest from Michigan’s mathy post-punkers Victor! Fix the Sun, is clear evidence of what’s missing from that narrow view. From the ringing guitar and wild, frantic drumming… Read more »

Review: The Slits – Trapped Animal

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Label: Narnack Records Released: October 20, 2009 Trapped Animal is the first studio album from the Slits since 1981 and comes 30 years after the seminal punk/reggae fusion of their debut, 1979’s Cut. The passage of time and only returning with two-thirds of the band’s core (Ari Up and Tessa Pollitt) certainly give reason to be skeptical of a new… Read more »

Review: Motorik – Klang!

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Label: self-released (CD Baby) Released: April 28, 2009 In the waning days of the first wave of punk, several bands took the groundwork it had laid and mixed it up with a frantic sense of dancability. For lack of a better desciption, we called it post-punk. Three decades later, it seems like everyone wants to “rediscover” Joy Division, the Fall,… Read more »

Review: Lanterns – Apocalypse Youth

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Label: self-released Released: July 19, 2008 What would happen if the unabashed rock of the Who and the spunky power-pop of Cheap Trick took a drive down the twisting sharp turns of post-punk? Lanterns. If there is one quality that persists their Apocaplypse Youth EP, it would loud. Loud in the way mastered by big rock bands like the aforementioned… Read more »

Review: The Dark Romantics – Heartbreaker

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Label: Lujo Records Released: September 9, 2008 In the early 80s, Wall of Voodoo made some dark, moody and strangely captivating music out of a peculiar meeting of post-punk, synth pop and the roots of rock n roll. On Heartbreaker, the Dark Romantics find themselves at the same point where these influences flow together and they make music that is… Read more »

DVD: Joy Division

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Label: Miriam Collection Released: June 17, 2008 This documentary was clearly released in tandem with Control and, while that was surely a good move commercially, it makes it difficult to get as involved in this versus Anton Corbijn’s brilliant dramatization. Of course, the two aren’t quite the same, Control being the story of Ian Curtis and Joy Division the story… Read more »

DVD: Control

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Label: The Miriam Collection Released: June 3, 2008 As a long time Joy Division fan, I was very interested in Control. Ian Curtis is one of those enigmatic, sad characters whose mystery was deepened by an early demise. Because the film was based on his wife’s memoir, I hoped it would provide insight into why Curtis burned so brightly and… Read more »

Review: Brass – Set & Drift

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Label: self-released Released: January 25, 2008 I seem to be using the word “angular” an awful lot these days and while that usually means I’m listening to something I enjoy, the post-punk influence is becoming so commonplace that it also begs the question, “What’s special about this one?” With Brass, the answer is that they take their mathy angles and… Read more »

Review: Pretendo – ][

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Label: Country Club Records Released: March 4, 2008 Pretendo play a dark angular pop that revolves around its rhythms, whether that is principally percussion, bass or guitar (or most often the interplay between them), while keyboard or guitar build an unsettling ambiance. The songs vary from the subtley Stones-influenced swagger of “Chronicle a Free Subletting” to the post-punk/dance meld of… Read more »