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Live: De Novo Dahl, Bedouin Soundclash and Hot Hot Heat

October 15, 2007, Rams Head Live!, Baltimore, Maryland I hadn’t heard of De Novo Dahl prior to seeing them on the bill for this show. Other than a few tracks I sampled to get an idea of what to expect, this show was my first exposure. That being said, I don’t think there was much that could have prepared me… Read more »

Review: Hanslick Rebellion – The Rebellion is Here (live)

Label: July 10, 2007 Released: Eschatone Records The Hanslick Rebellion was once heralded as “possibly the finest band to ever call Albany home” (by a writer from the local paper). I suppose that might be true, but it’s still not much of a case for greatness. Neither is the re-issue of this ten-plus-year-old live recording. Back in the 90s, the… Read more »

Review: Bert Susanka – Onward Christian Slater

Label: Cornerstone RAS Released: February 13, 2007 I once saw an interview with a pro surfer. When asked who was the best surfer in the world, she replied, “The one having the most fun.” Bert Susanka might be the musical embodiment of that surfing ideal. Onward Christian Slater takes the harmonies of the Beach Boys, the down-to-earth grittiness of the… Read more »

Review: Zerobridge – Havre de Grace

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Label: self-released Released: September 18, 2007 Zerobridge was formed by two Kashmiri brothers who grew up near the namesake of the their EP, Havre de Grace, Maryland. While this broader cultural experience may seem like a boon for the band, their music has little to do with the former and everything to do with the latter. Zerobridge relies on the… Read more »

Review: Overlord – Ticker Symbols

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Label: Storm Tower Records Released: September 5, 2006 Awhile back, I wrote a review of Overlord’s music from their MySpace page. Recently, I was contacted by George Pasles, who it seems pretty much is Overlord, who asked me to check out the CD since the tracks on MySpace were demos that he posts periodically to keep the page fresh. Knowing… Read more »

DVD: The Bangles – Return to Bangleonia

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Label: Shout! Factory Released: August 14, 2007 I’ve always loved the Bangles. Even the big sellout of Different Light still had the sweet harmonies and sixties jangle that I loved in their days in the Paisley Underground. I don’t operate under the illusion that bands often recapture their prime when reuniting, but I did expect an energetic show and an… Read more »

Review: Paul McCartney – Memory Almost Full

Label: Hear Music Released: June 5, 2007 Paul McCartney’s solo career has been erratic to say the least. His first solo effort shows us both that he’s a great pop songwriter and that he’s willing to stretch out and take chances at times. Sometimes those chances worked, but often they were too slick for their own good. From the mid-70s… Read more »

Review: The Go-Gos – God Bless the Go-Gos

Label: Beyond Records Released: May 15, 2001 With very few exceptions, reunion albums are not essential listening. The best we can hope for is a solid album that at least isn’t an embarrassment. In 2001, the Go-Gos released their first studio album in 17 years. Considering such a long layoff and that their first go round was short and inconsistent… Read more »

Review: Paul McCartney – McCartney

Label: Capitol Released: April 20, 1970 For his first proper solo effort, Paul McCartney chooses to curtail the elaborate arrangements he had indulged in with the Beatles in favor of a more grounded album full of country, folk, blues, boogie and soul. To expect a solo album to meet the standard set by the Beatles (and particularly their finale, Abbey… Read more »