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Visionist – A Call to Arms

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Album cover for "A Call to Arms"

The first 180 seconds of A Call to Arms is an intense journey. You are wrapped in a blanket of noise. Perhaps it’s an echo of long-abandoned factories, perhaps traffic roars amongst construction beneath your window, perhaps a raging river is tearing away your bedroom walls. Westminster Quarters begins to chime and the sound devolves into a fever dream of… Read more »

Review: The Family Curse – White Medicine

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Label: Fainting Room Collective Released: October 2009 There’s no doubt that the Family Curse really like noise in general and the Butthole Surfers in particular. The opening track certainly makes no bones about it, but also shows that they don’t quite get it. It’s random and pointless and they miss that even the wild abandon of the Buttholes and the… Read more »

Review: Thursday/Envy – Split

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Label: Temporary Residence Limited Released: November 4, 2008 Few albums start off with the level of frantic energy of Thursday’s “As He Climbed the Dark Mountain.” There are songs with fireworks and there are songs that are like the fireworks factory exploding and this is clearly the latter. Thursday’s dense layering walks the fine line between noisy and melodic, without… Read more »

Review: MySon – Another Shitty Band’s First Demo

Label: self-released Released: 2008 “Warning! The recordings contained on this disc are raw and far from perfect. Just how we like it!” That’s the warning on the CD, but it’s more like a mission statement and they back it up with the tunes. Another Shitty Band’s First Demo is raw beyond belief. Thick, sludgy guitar and bass are essentials in… Read more »

Review: Always April – Seven Singles

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Label: self-released (only available at shows) Released: 2007 Seven Singles seethes with insanity. It reaches the outer limits of craziness without completely losing control. As such, it isn’t for everyone, but if you can get past poor production and near chaos, there’s something here in which to lose yourself. The drums are so loose that they’re all over the place…. Read more »

Review: Lafcadio – Kibosh

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Label: Joyful Noise Recordings Released: January 22, 2008 In a nutshell, Lafcadio could be described as King Crimson meets Dillinger Escape Plan meets Black Flag meets Black Sabbath meets Shel Silverstein. If you’re not immediately turned off by the threat of that, then their new album Kibosh is probably for you. At times, they are as refined (though not quite… Read more »