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Elvis Costello & the Attractions – Armed Forces (Super Deluxe Edition)

There’s not usually a lot to say about “super deluxe” re-issues. Listener interest usually depends on how much the particular listener likes the artist and these releases where no stone is left unturned are full of what the super-fan might call essential and everyone else would call filler. And so it is with this “deluxe” version of my favorite Elvis… Read more »

Review: Polysics – We Ate the Machine

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Label: Myspace Records Released: September 30, 2008 Polysics make no secret of their love for Devo. The jumpsuits, the scientist-rock image, it all points to one thing. Their music however, goes further. Devo is clearly in the mix on this collection of synth-heavy, agitated new wave tunes and the result is fun, energetic…and entirely contrived. But they mix that 80s… Read more »

Review: Joe Jackson – Volume 4

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Label: Rykodisc Released: March 11, 2003 Joe Jackson is a recent discovery for me. It’s not that I’ve just heard his music for the first time, just that I’ve only recently spent the time to get to know it and really appreciate it. In the midst of my Joe Jackson discovery, I came across 2003’s Volume 4 which finds Jackson… Read more »