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Review: The Sammus Theory – See (It) Through

Label: OCI Records Released: May 1, 2007 Sometimes, it’s good to hear a really tight band, but not always. The Sammus Theory is certainly a tight band, they even play with passion, but they fail to excite. That’s not to say that See (It) Through is without promise though. The Phoenix-based band’s previous effort, Man Without Eyes, was primarily a… Read more »

Review: Tia Carrera – The November Session

Label: Australian Cattle God Released: September 6, 2005 First and foremost, Tia Carrera is a stoner rock band. This is not the long-dreaded release of Sweet covers by the largely forgotten Wayne’s World star. It’s a bad name, but that’s where the bad stops. The stoner rock field has gotten fairly crowded over the last ten years and it gets… Read more »

Review: Retro Grave EP

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Label: Retro Grave Music Released: June 15, 2007 (stream is available at now) Retro Grave is Trouble drummer Jeff Oly Olsen’s side-project. The five song EP, which should be followed by a full-length release sometime next year, is entirely written and performed by Olsen. Working alone may have some benefits, but likely more drawbacks. This isn’t a big departure… Read more »

Review: Ozzy Osbourne – Black Rain

Label: Epic Released: May 22, 2007 You’d think that 16 years of half-hearted recordings would destroy Ozzy’s career. If that isn’t enough, surely the overexposure from his asinine reality show would do it. No? How about one of the worst covers albums ever recorded? Somehow Ozzy seems to survive all of this, like a heavy metal Rasputin. I think “Not… Read more »

Review: Titan – A Raining Sun of Light and Love for You and You and You

Label: Tee Pee Records Released: February 6, 2007 The problem with Emerson, Lake and Palmer is that they don’t put enough rock in progressive rock. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of ELP, but they do tend to lean a bit too far to the classical side. Over 30 years after ELP’s peak, Titan comes along to correct… Read more »

Review: Clutch – From Beale Street to Oblivion

Label: DRT Entertainment Released: March 20, 2007 Admittedly, I haven’t spent much time with any Clutch release since Elephant Riders. It’s partly due to the disappointment of their live shows after the expectations raised by two albums that ranked #1 and #3 on my best albums of the 90s (Clutch and Elephant Riders respectively) and it’s partly due to the… Read more »