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Tuff Tony and Son – “Baby Come Back”

If you drive around Baltimore, you might see a homemade sign advertising Tuff Tony’s new single on YouTube. I saw one on Sinclair Lane the other day and from comments on the video, they are all over. The song isn’t great, but as it sinks in, there is a catchiness that is harder to resist (and forget) as it goes…. Read more »

NF – Therapy Session

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Released: April 22, 2016 Appearances are a strange part of being a music fan. Sometimes it feels more important to like music that has been accepted by cultural tastemakers than to vulnerably and proudly wear our own tastes. Upon listening to Therapy Session, I immediately recognize that NF is the kind of musician that tastemakers love to ridicule. He’s Christian… Read more »

Sault – Untitled (Black Is)

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Released: Juneteenth 2020 Untitled (Black Is) opens with a gospel chant of revolution that rises to a fever pitch similar to how calls for racial justice rose to a fever pitch in the days leading up to its release on Juneteenth 2020. Then it does something interesting. The chant fades away to gentle chords and warm ambience and a reassuring… Read more »

Warped Tour 2008 Interview: Shwayze

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One of several hip-hop acts on the tour this year, Shwayze’s laid back jams and good-time vibe stood out amongst punk, hardcore and emo…and the ladies loved ’em. RnRnMN: How has the Warped Tour been treating you? S: Warped has been really cool.. I think over the years its become more diverse, which is great for a group like us…. Read more »

Review: DJ Axel – Breakin’ the Law

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Label: Holden Records Released: 2007 There is no real question that mash-ups are a novelty. Unlike a song that merely contains samples, a mash-up relies strictly on the strength of the songs that are colliding. True, there is some talent to hearing that two songs will work together and then mixing them into one. However, the result is never greater… Read more »

Review: Mars Hill – Fate Chance Luck Dance

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Label: Sandbar Music Released: May 2006 According to Mars Hill’s Myspace page, they are “one of the most original and finest bands of the 21st century” and they are “genre-defying.” The former is beyond a stretch. No offense, but they aren’t even close. The latter, however, is pretty accurate. The list of genres touched significantly by Mars Hill is longer… Read more »