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Review: The Parlor Mob – And You Were a Crow

Label: Roadrunner Records Released: May 6, 2008 There is really no shortage of bands out there today who are mining the 70s for the source of its hard rock gems. The Parlor Mob is one such band. They’ve obviously spent some time with Zeppelin and the Nuge and they’ve certainly gotten quite a bit out of that. And You Were… Read more »

Review: Niki Barr Band – Bloom

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Label: self-released Released: May 24, 2008 I had the chance to catch the Niki Barr Band open for the Cult a few months back and they were an outstanding live band. They played with the confidence and intensity of a headliner, not the caution and tentativeness of a local band opening for an international act. However, when I heard their… Read more »

Review: Ministry and Co-Conspirators – Cover Up

Label: 13th Planet Records Released: April 1, 2008 I’m not much of a Ministry fan. Sure, Land of Rape and Honey was a very good album, particularly for its time, but otherwise they’ve never grabbed me. Nonetheless, when I saw Al (or Alien as he’s listed in the conspiracy-themed liner notes) Jourgensen and friends were releasing an album full of… Read more »

Review: Clams – EP

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Label: self-released Released: 2007 Many bands take the Great Leap Forwards approach to modernization, taking an older sound and dragging it kicking and screaming through recent history into the present. Clams doesn’t take that road though. Their self-titled EP channels 70s hard rock without forcing anything unnatural to happen. Whether the rhythms are driving or more laid back, the riffs… Read more »

Review: Voodoo Six – Faith

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Label: White Knuckle Records Released: 2007 England’s Voodoo Six prefaced First Hit for Free, due out on March 24th, with this three song EP of their modern hard rock. “Faith” is the teaser’s first and best track. It takes 70s hard rock and filters it through the 90s, largely influenced by Soundgarden’s more mainstream, metally albums. The song isn’t particularly… Read more »

Review: Mongrels – Oshawa

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Label: WeirdBeard Records Released: November 2007 Before they had an album out, I wrote about the material Mongrels had up on their Myspace page. It was a raw, manic mix of garagey soul (or soulful garage). Either way, they tapped into the excitement of the late 60s Detroit that would profoundly influence much of 70s hard rock, even if few… Read more »

Review: Thieves & Liars – When Dreams Become Reality

Label: Facedown Records/Dreamt Music Released: January 22, 2008 When Dreams Become Reality would be an ambitious album even if it was the fourth or fifth release for San Diego’s Thieves & Liars. As a debut, it’s even more impressive. They draw on a lot of influences, some of which entrench them in hard rock and others which allow them to… Read more »

Discography: Kiss (the makeup years)

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Before anyone even says anything, I know that this stuff was geared toward adolescent males (and actually appealed most to pre-adolescent males). I know the lyrics are about as stupid as anything rock music has ever produced. I know the objectification of women is part and parcel of Kiss and I hate that. However, I was about six when I… Read more »

Review: The Ark – Prayer for the Weekend

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Label: Roxy Recordings Released: April 16, 2007 The Ark don’t do a single original thing on Prayer for the Weekend, but how many bands really do? To understand a band like the Ark is to understand their influences. In their best moments they channel the likes of Queen, Sweet and T Rex. They have a huge arena-sized sound and all… Read more »