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Review: Copper Sails – Hiding Place

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Label: self-released Released: January 13, 2009 Copper Sails seems like one of those bands that could be poised for the big time. I mean, this thing they’re doing worked for Coldplay, didn’t it? Hiding Place is carefully thought out, constructed and performed. They steal form all the right indie and alt bands on both sides of the Atlantic. The melodies… Read more »

Review: Avett Brothers – The Second Gleam

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Label: Ramseur Records Released: July 22, 2008 The Avett Brothers’ breakthrough album, last year’s Emotionalism, was a work whose broad influences were felt throughout and whose quiet ambition made it both huge and intimate at the same time. The Second Gleam, while keeping to the Avett’s signature sound, doesn’t share its predecessor’s breadth. Instead, it focuses on intimacy and gentle… Read more »

Review: Christina Carter – Original Darkness

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Label: Kranky Released: October 27, 2008 The first time I listened to Original Darkness, I wondered what in the world I’d write about it. Now that I’ve listened to the CD a half-dozen times, I wonder how I can possibly say everything I want to say within the confines of a record review. My notes alone are nearly 600 words,… Read more »

Review: Omni – Ghosts

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Label: Faux Pas Records (buy it at the band’s site) Released: May 2008 If you have any doubt that Radiohead has been tremendously influential on today’s rock scene, take a look at all the bands that have inherited Thom, Johnny and company’s particular take on Brian Eno. It’s everywhere from indie rock to post-metal and Omni is no exception. While… Read more »

Review: Demolition String Band – Different Kinds of Love

Label: Breaking Records Released: November 20, 2007 With a name like Demolition String Band, there’s bound to be some preconceptions. The mention of “string band” certainly creates an expectation of a 30s/40s pre-electric country and bluegrass revival. “Demolition,” on the other hand, implies breaking down barriers or rejecting rules. In the end though, Demolition String Band isn’t really what their… Read more »

Review: The Feelings Mutual – s/t

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Label: Ares Records Released: June 24, 2008 The Feelings Mutual take off where 90s alt rock left off, adding some hard rock riffs to hints of both darkness and pop gloss around each turn. They open with the riff-heavy rock of “Monolith,” but quickly scale that back into slower guitar-driven pop. At times they hint at Queens of the Stone… Read more »

Review: Violent Femmes – Crazy

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Label: The Secret of Life Records Released: June 24, 2008 The Violent Femmes return the favor to Gnarls Barkley (who covered “Gone Daddy Gone” on 2006’s St Elsewhere) with this EP containing a cover of “Crazy.” The trouble with Gnarls Barkley’s offering was that it left the song entirely too intact. It sounds fine, but simply does too little to… Read more »

Review: Moving Mountains – Pneuma

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Label: Deep Elm Records Released: May 13, 2008 Pneuma is an album that works more in noise than structure. Ambient layers and ambling indie rock rhythms are grounded by a more common vocal approach that alternates between whining and screeching and screaming. There is nothing pretentious about Moving Mountains’ deconstruction of rock though. It is experimental, but not simply for… Read more »

Review: Love – Forever Changes (2008 Collector’s Edition)

Label: Rhino Released: April 22, 2008 Love is a second rate band, but at perhaps the creative peak of rock music. They existed at a time when the old marriage of R&B and C&W that was rock n roll was experimenting with a lot of new partners. Love was a part of that. At times, the result was brilliant, making… Read more »