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Review: Demolition String Band – Different Kinds of Love

Label: Breaking Records Released: November 20, 2007 With a name like Demolition String Band, there’s bound to be some preconceptions. The mention of “string band” certainly creates an expectation of a 30s/40s pre-electric country and bluegrass revival. “Demolition,” on the other hand, implies breaking down barriers or rejecting rules. In the end though, Demolition String Band isn’t really what their… Read more »

Review: Frontier Folk Nebraska – The Devil’s Tree

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Label: Hands on Deck Released: 2007 Desperation and salvation often have a parallel existence as evidenced by the role of religion in in the worst of times. Perhaps it is the hope of a better life to come, that light at the end of the tunnel, that allows people to hold on in these dire times. More likely it seems,… Read more »

Review: Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles – Diamonds in the Dark

Label: Sugar Hill Records Released: June 12, 2007 Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles do more than just channel the past. True, Diamonds in the Dark is partially images of days gone by, but the package is fresh. Touching on every raw influence of rock music, the end result is an album that is both clean and warm, touching the… Read more »

Review: Ox – American Lo Fi

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Label: Weewerk Released: October 17, 2006 You know it’s a fine album when a band pulls off a cover of a song like “Surrender” and it’s not even the album’s best track. Ox offers up this indie alt-country should-be classic that weaves its way from rock to country and back with a few detours along the way, all held together… Read more »

Review: John P. Strohm/Dylan in the Movies – So Long City Skies

Label: American Laundromat Records Released: July 23, 2007 One of American Laundromat’s latest split 7 inches, So Long City Skies finds unjustly lesser-known alt rocker John P. Strohm (formerly of the equally unjustly lesser-known Blake Babies) channeling the Jayhawks. “The Long So Long” is a mild countrified indie rock song that’s so subtle you might not catch it on the… Read more »