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Review: Mighty High – Drops a Deuce

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Label: self-released Released: October 12, 2009 True to the form they set with last year’s full-length, In Drug City, Mighty High’s new EP is nothing if not unabashedly fun. This 7″ EP features two songs that waste nothing (except perhaps brain cells). “Cable TV Eye” is full-on stoner paranoia propelled by riffs they learned from hard rock leaning punk bands… Read more »

DVD: Blue Cheer Rocks Europe

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Label: Rainman Records Released: June 26, 2009 There’s a handful of bands out there whose influence has been felt far and wide decades after they made their mark, yet they never enjoyed significant commercial success. The Velvet Underground comes to mind. So does Nick Drake. There are others, but in heavy rock circles, one of these bands rises above all… Read more »

THe BAcksliders – Thank You

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Label: self-released and free! Released: May 16, 2009 Thank You‘s title may prefigure last year’s You’re Welcome, but the sound is moving forward. THe BAcksliders don’t refine their previous effort, so much as distill what’s clearly in their hearts. Whether it’s the flat out energy of “Have You Ever Been Down” or the hard-edged soulfullness of “Last Call,” the band… Read more »

Review: JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound – Beat of Our Own Drum.

Label: self-released (CD Baby) Released: February 24, 2009 JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound hail from Chicago, have a song about Baltimore and sound like Detroit…in the 60s. That was the time and place where the local airwaves were a battleground between Motown and garage rock. While not the greatest to emerge from that scene, it was probably Mitch Ryder… Read more »

Buffalo Killers new album and tour

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BUFFALO KILLERS NEW ALBUM LET IT RIDE IN STORES JULY 22ndPRODUCED BY DAN AUERBACH OF THE BLACK KEYS SOLO WEST COAST RUN STARTS JULY 18OPENING SLOT ON THE BLACK CROWES TOUR THIS FALLADDITIONAL U.S. DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED “Ride simmers, then explodes with the fuzzy psychedelia of southern rockers crowding classic rock playlists, but without sounding dated or overtly derivative.”… Read more »

Review: Catfight – In Stereo

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Label: self-released Released: September 30, 2008 While the album art for Catfight’s In Stereo is totally 80s (like, totally), their music spends an awful lot of time in the sixties as well. Eschewing all that is delicate, everything about their songs is based on their simple deliberate rhythms. They don’t waste time with frivolities like riffs or solos. The album… Read more »

Review: Caesars – Strawberry Weed

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Label: Astralwerks Released: August 19, 2008 From the opening seconds of Strawberry Weed, Caesars make it clear that they’re not afraid to make noise. Committed to the mod tradition of the Who, they are loud, abrasive and willing to run wild, yet they never lose their raw pop sense. They tap into that point in rock history when bands realized… Read more »