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Found in the Shuffle: The Who – “Miracle Cure”

Song: Miracle CureArtist: The WhoAlbum: Tommy Thank God this is only 13 seconds long. If it were longer, I would have to dismiss The Who as a bunch of Broadway-lovin’, showtune-writin’ saps. Which they were, but in a good way. Not this, though. This is capital-B, capital-A, capital-D. It makes me wonder if maybe Andrew Lloyd Webber was the secret… Read more »

Found in the Shuffle: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars – “Seconds”

Song: SecondsArtist: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-StarsAlbum: In the Name of Love: Africa Celebrates U2 This has great energy. It’s obviously a U2 cover, but the All-Stars completely made it their own. Best of all, they made it African without compromising the basic Western roots of the song. I wish more world music was like this. (By the way, Bob reviewed… Read more »

Found in the Shuffle: Pink Floyd – “Yet Another Movie / Round and Around”

Song: Yet Another Movie / Round and AroundArtist: Pink FloydAlbum: A Momentary Lapse of Reason Gah. It’s like Phil Collins’ drum machine joined Pink Floyd. Fortunately, Gilmour’s guitar work isn’t terrible. I probably would’ve loved this when I was 16. Actually, I would’ve heard this when I was 16 if the album wasn’t so awful that I always turned it… Read more »

Found in the Shuffle

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We’ve got a new feature here at Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense called “Found in the Shuffle.” One really cool thing about storing music on your computer is you can hit the “random shuffle” button and hear songs that you’ve never heard before, even though you might have owned the album for years. “Found in the Shuffle” highlights the… Read more »

Album Track: The Clash – Rebel Waltz

“Rebel Waltz” is a forgotten song on the Clash’s forgotten Sandinista album. As the title says, it is a waltz, but with an edge. I’m not sure what war this involves or even if that’s important, but the lyrics describe the resolve in a rebel army before (or perhaps after) a battle they cannot (or did not) win. There is… Read more »

Album Track: Ian Hunter – “Standin’ in My Light”

Album: You’re Never Alone with a Schizophrenic (1979) Ian Hunter is best known as the singer for Mott the Hoople, but he’s also released a number of fine solo albums, not the least of which is You’re Never Alone With a Schizophrenic. There’s a largely forgotten tune on side two called “Standin’ in My Light.” It starts off with subtle… Read more »