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Hopeton Lewis – Don’t Take Your Guns to Town

Old reggae covers of old country songs are a trip. This 1972 recording of Johnny Cash’s story song moves the setting to Jamaica, where the cowboy named Billy Joe becomes a young stupid boy named Joe and the dusty cowpoke is a big dread man. This is a very different, and very cool, way to hear a classic country song…. Read more »

Found in the Shuffle: Eric Dolphy – Gazzelloni

Song: GazzelloniArtist: Eric DolphyAlbum: Out to Lunch It is a testiment to both the Beastie Boys’ greatness and my stupidity (not to mention my short-term memory loss) that when this song began, I thought it was one of the Beastie’s instrumental tracks. Eric Dolphy was an incredible musician, and if you think flute is lame, just listen to what he… Read more »

Found in the Shuffle: The Kinks – “Little Bit of Emotion”

In 1979, the Stones were between the bad, yet overrated Some Girls and the downright awful Emotional Rescue. Lucky for fans of 60s holdover bands, the Kinks took a break form making good music to record Low Budget. It’s pretty much a complete throw away…except for this little gem.

Found in the Shuffle: Real Life – “Send Me an Angel”

Song: Send Me an AngelArtist: Real LifeAlbum: Heartland This is perhaps a bit dated, but I’ve always liked it. It’s kind of haunting. I’m not sure that it stands head and shoulders above its over-synthed peers, but it seems to have that…something…that sets it apart. This is the original version from 1983, not the one remixed in 1988.

Found in the Shuffle: Fleetwood Mac – “Black Magic Woman”

Song: Black Magic WomanArtist: Fleetwood MacAlbum: The Pious Bird of Good Omen I never knew this was a Fleetwood Mac song before it was a Santana song. The Mac’s version is dark and bluesy, kind of like “House of the Rising Sun.” It’s different than Santana’s version, but it’s equally as good.