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The Staves – Good Woman

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Released: February 5, 2021 Usually, it’s a good thing when a group tries to move beyond the strict confines of their sound. Without that impetus, we’d have no Sgt. Peppers, no Heroes, no Achtung Baby. It’s the boldness that moves the art of making music forward. That being said, it is not something to undertaken lightly or carelessly. The artist… Read more »

Review: Brandi Carlile – Live From Boston (aka iTunes EP – Boston)

Label: Columbia Released: 9/16/2008 A cover of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” is on Live From Boston, so I figured I’d skip right to that track and see whether Carlile and her band managed to do right by Johnny’s spirit. They did. What more do you want me to write? If that doesn’t make you go listen, nothing will. RatingsSatriani:… Read more »

Review: Paris Luna – City Lights

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Label: Severe Records Released: December 4, 2007 A superficial reaction to Paris Luna’s City Lights might be to dismiss it as light folk rock. While it does have a few nods to bands best left forgotten like America, there is more behind it. Over the course of the album, Paris dabbles in folky pop, bluesy rock, light funk and soul… Read more »