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Review: Thursday/Envy – Split

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Label: Temporary Residence Limited Released: November 4, 2008 Few albums start off with the level of frantic energy of Thursday’s “As He Climbed the Dark Mountain.” There are songs with fireworks and there are songs that are like the fireworks factory exploding and this is clearly the latter. Thursday’s dense layering walks the fine line between noisy and melodic, without… Read more »

Review: Women – s/t

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Label: Jagjaguwar Records Released: October 7, 2008 Some albums kick off with the strongest or most accessible song as a means of sucking the listener in. Others, ease their way into the real meat of the album so as not to scare the listener with their boldest material. But very few jump in with their most grating and difficult content…. Read more »

Review: Jonas Reinhardt – s/t

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Label: Kranky Released: November 10, 2008 This CD took me back to a sunny spring afternoon in high school, when the promise of summer vacation filled the air with excitement. I was driving down a little side street in Albuquerque when my friend Dave put on Poland by Tangerine Dream. I immediately made fun of Dave and his pretentious music,… Read more »

Review: Christina Carter – Original Darkness

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Label: Kranky Released: October 27, 2008 The first time I listened to Original Darkness, I wondered what in the world I’d write about it. Now that I’ve listened to the CD a half-dozen times, I wonder how I can possibly say everything I want to say within the confines of a record review. My notes alone are nearly 600 words,… Read more »

Review: Alive in Wild Paint – Ceilings

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Label: Equal Vision Records Released: March 18, 2008 “The sky was cold-fire sunrise, the clouds alive in wild paint, but all of it blurred in the dynamite crescendo.” These words from Richard Bach’s Illusions not only give Alive in Wild Paint their name, but also their essence. Not only do they evoke soundscapes every bit as vivid as these words,… Read more »