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Review: Ride Your Bike – Bad News from the Bar

Label: Deep Elm Records Released: December 10, 2007 Ride Your Own Bike’s debut, Bad News from the Bar, gets off on the right foot with “We All Have Our Own Shoes,” whose strings slowly give way, but never completely, to a more traditional rock arrangement. After that, the creativity is pretty hit or miss though. For every clever or catchy… Read more »

Review: Various Artists – Take Action! Volume 7

Label: Hopeless Records/Sub City Released: March 4, 2008 The seventh installment of the Take Action compilation series is, as usual, a mixed bag of bands, but a pretty good one nonetheless. It dabbles in everything from from hardcore and metal (Every Time I Die) to noise rock (Drop Dead, Gorgeous) to progcore (Chiodos) to straightforward punk (The Matches), but most… Read more »

Review: Desoto Jones – Aurora

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Label: Deep Elm Records Released: February 18, 2008 At this point, emo is pretty played out, so even the genre’s best bands struggle to be interesting. Desoto Jones is certainly among emo’s best, but the real question is, do they transcend its confines. Oddly enough, emo has become a genre more concerned with technical skill than emotional release and Aurora… Read more »

Review: A Wilhelm Scream – Career Suicide

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Label: Released: October 9, 2007 A Wilhelm Scream doesn’t exactly break down all the walls on Career Suicide, but they do manage to put forth a solid album that isn’t the same old fare over and over again. The album is largely a metally hardcore affair, but its layered sound (particularly the guitar parts) gives it far greater dimension than… Read more »

Review: Fell Far Behind – Reaching the Red Line

Label: self-released Released: September 18, 2007 There are bands that do most things right, but the few things they lack make all the difference between being good and lousy. Fell Far Behind is just such a band. They have many of the pieces in place: They’re tight, they understand hooks, they’re polished and the production on Reaching the Red Line… Read more »

Review: Chiodos – Bone Palace Ballet

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Label: Equal Vision Records Released: September 4, 2007 After finding a fair amount of success with 2005’s All’s Well That Ends Well, Chiodos were in a position to coast safely into their next album. Instead, they chose to further break out of the emo-screamo scene that spawned them and follow their arena-sized prog-rock dreams. Bone Palace Ballet has some leanings… Read more »

Review: Inked in Blood – Sometimes We Are Beautiful

Label: Facedown Records Released: October 2, 2007 If I had to make up a name for Inked in Blood’s music, it would be “pop-punk-core.” They play a brand of hardcore that is a strange marriage of the Descendants and Gorilla Biscuits and they have varying success with it. On one hand, Sometimes We Are Beautiful is typical of hardcore over… Read more »

Review: Foreign Born – On the Wing Now

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Label: Dim Mak Records Released: August 21, 2007 A lot of bands these days have been rehashing the 80s, but very few of them bring anything particularly new to the table. For me, it’s really dull to have your own teenage years spit back to you as if it’s new, so it’s refreshing to hear a band do something interesting… Read more »

Review: Verona Grove – The Story Thought Over

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Label: PRC/Universal Released: August 21, 2007 In 1999, A New Found Glory released Nothing Gold Can Stay, a sappy pop punk album that made me feel the pain of being 17 again. Sure, some of the lyrics were over-dramatic and the vocals were whiny, but the album connected with me even though it was written for kids ten or so… Read more »