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DVD: James Brown – I Got the Feeling: James Brown in the 60s

Label: Shout Factory Released: August 5, 2008 There is little doubt that James Brown is an iconic figure in American music. From “Please, Please, Please” to “Say It Loud (I’m Black and I’m Proud),” Brown has found a way to resonate not only within the Black community, but also in a broader America. As Al Sharpton says in The Night… Read more »

DVD: Joy Division

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Label: Miriam Collection Released: June 17, 2008 This documentary was clearly released in tandem with Control and, while that was surely a good move commercially, it makes it difficult to get as involved in this versus Anton Corbijn’s brilliant dramatization. Of course, the two aren’t quite the same, Control being the story of Ian Curtis and Joy Division the story… Read more »

DVD: Control

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Label: The Miriam Collection Released: June 3, 2008 As a long time Joy Division fan, I was very interested in Control. Ian Curtis is one of those enigmatic, sad characters whose mystery was deepened by an early demise. Because the film was based on his wife’s memoir, I hoped it would provide insight into why Curtis burned so brightly and… Read more »

DVD: The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder: John, Paul, Tom & Ringo

Label: Shout! Factory Released: April 1, 2008 I’ve had a bit of a stormy relationship with John Lennon, not that it would matter to John. His greatest public achievement was the band that made rock n roll matter and mine is…well…this website. Besides, John was dead by the time my relationship with him began. I was nine (almost 10) when… Read more »

DVD: Kurt Cobain – About a Son

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Label: Shout Factory Released: February 19, 2008 It’s hard to ask someone to talk about themselves over an extended set of interviews and not seem self-absorbed. For Cobain, it would probably be impossible to ask that over a twenty minute sit-down let alone something this extensive. Cobain comes across as a whiner, whether he’s crying about his childhood, his health… Read more »

DVD: Tad – Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears

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Label: MVD Entertainment Released: February 19, 2008 Tad is the forgotten band of Seattle’s grunge explosion, but there is a case to be made for them being among the scene’s most important artists. In Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears, it is said that in 1989 “Yeah, I’m friends with Kurt,” meant Tad bassist Kurt Danielson, not Cobain. They were perhaps… Read more »

DVD: Nirvana – Unplugged in New York

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Label: Geffen Records Released: November 20, 2007 I have long felt that Nirvana is grossly overrated. Bleach was a good grunge album and Nevermind managed to both transcend the genre and be in the right place at the right time, exploding into the faltering world of commercial rock. Even so, it’s more commercially important than musically. In Utero, however, is… Read more »

DVD: Iron Maiden – Live After Death

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Label: Universal Music Released: February 5, 2008 The fact that this DVD flat out rules is no surprise. Iron Maiden is one of metal’s most technical and most literate bands and, as if that’s not enough, they’re a blast live. Other than a few foggy Spinal Tap-esque moments during the epic “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” Maiden never comes across… Read more »

DVD: Flipper – Live Target Video 1980-81

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Label: MVD Entertainment Group Released: February 19, 2008 Flipper is one of those bands that no one really likes for the music. It’s poorly constructed, disjointed and generally just a big mess. Nonetheless, they have fans, even 21 years after the death of singer Will Shatter and a spotty catalog at best since that time. The question then is, “Why?”… Read more »