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Discography: Kiss (the makeup years)

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Before anyone even says anything, I know that this stuff was geared toward adolescent males (and actually appealed most to pre-adolescent males). I know the lyrics are about as stupid as anything rock music has ever produced. I know the objectification of women is part and parcel of Kiss and I hate that. However, I was about six when I… Read more »

Discography: Dag Nasty

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Rising out of the ashes of DC’s Minor Threat and Boston’s DYS, Dag Nasty at least initially met the challenge that they were left by their previous bands’ legacies and even laid the groundwork for what would become emo long before it became a genre full of cry-baby guys whining about their girlfriends. Their positive anthems of belief in yourself… Read more »

Discography: U2 – European Period

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Achtung Baby (1991)Admittedly, this album took a little time to grow on me. It was a shock. Even though there was four years between their last proper album and Achtung Baby, I certainly had no idea that the band had spent that time completely reinventing themselves. Once I got past that though, it quickly became clear that this album was… Read more »

Discography: U2 – American Period

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The Unforgettable Fire (1984)This album still has some elements of the Irish period remaining, making it somewhat of a transitional album. Still, the bigger sound courtesy of the Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois production team and the heavily American-focused lyrical themes land this one more firmly in U2’s American period. The well-known “A Sort of Homecoming” and “Pride (in the Name of… Read more »

Discography: U2 – Irish Period

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Boy (1980)Everything was already in place for greatness. A few years before, guitarists everywhere were floored by what Eddie van Halen was doing, but it seems that no one noticed the Edge doing something every bit as innovative. The difference is that the Edge didn’t have to carry his band. His playing was no more nor less than the song… Read more »